''Everything I do has, in some way, been touched by the past. My inspiration
can come from a building I've seen, a book I've read or from something lost that
I have found."


"Story telling is at the heart of every culture, but can easily be lost in our fast-paced modern society. My work always has a story to tell, all you need is the time to

unlock its secrets" - Jo Gill 

Podule Emporium was born following our Eureka moment, inspired by a visit to York Museum's Victorian Kirkgate Street exhibit


Jo Gill

All my life I have drawn. I can't really remember a time that I haven't.


From an early age I was always creating. When I was really young, like most little girls, I had a love of horses, although most didn't spend hours studying and drawing the different breeds like me (my favourite was the Palomino). I'm convinced that my mild obsession with horses fuelled my love of nature and the necessity to fill my life with an assortment of fluffy, feathery and scaly creatures.


It wasn't until I left school that my passion for history and architecture blossomed. I became fascinated with the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts & Crafts movement and spent many a Sunday afternoon visiting the many treasures of the V&A and British Museum.


Starting Podule Emporium has provided me with a way to indulge in all my creative passions!

I also have a love of Top Hats, Beethoven, Sherlock Holmes and Tunnocks Teacakes!



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